Entry Level OTDR

Source: ShinewayTech     Date: 2020-04-07     Read: 5,283
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palmOTDR-S120 Series  Entry-Level OTDR

 ●The lowest cost fully functional OTDR

Graphic display of test results

●Dynamic range up to 28dB

Quick start: <5 seconds

●Perfect user interface, handheld & lightweight (1kg)

●Hotkeys: Easiest operation in the world, push-and-test

●1000 test records storage

●Bellcore file format (.sor)

PC software for batch data processing

●USB/RS-232 data interface, driver-free

●Multiple languages: EN/DE/IT/FR/ES/PT/RU/KR/VN/CN etc.

●10 hours continuous operation with battery

●Dust-shock proof (2m drop test)

TraceManager Software

TraceManager software can display,analyze and edit trace files, generate and print comprehensive test and analysis reports in various forms.

●Trace viewing, events analysis

Batch editing and flexible printing

Trace viewing, events analysis

●Multi traces comparison

●Batch editing and flexible printing

●Bidirectional testing (Optional)

●CSV/ASCII report formats

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