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PPM-50/51 PON Power Meter


PPM-50 PON Power Meter can perform in-service testing of all PON signals (1310/1490/1550nm) at any spot on the network featuring pass-through design, burst mode and Pass/Warning/Fail assessment function, which can greatly help you evaluate PON signals transmission quality.



Specially designed for FTTx/PON (B/E/G) applications

●Easy operation: Connect fiber and get result

●Simultaneous Triple-play PON signals measurement

   1310/1490/1550nm (Voice/Data/Video)

●Pass-through test: Applicable anywhere on PON

●Burst mode 1310nm upstream signal detection

●User-defined thresholds on PPM-50 unit

●Pass/Warning/Fail assessment on PPM-50 unit

Cable/Fiber ID editing

CSV file format

Color TFT, readable under sunlight

Compact design


Important Functions

Pass-through Simultaneous Measurement & Display of All PON Signals

PPM-50 works as a pass-through device, which can be connected anywhere between OLT and ONU. A small percentage of optical signals are extracted for use by PPM-50 detectors. This approach enables all wavelengths to be used simultaneously and introduces no interruption to network services.

Pass-through connection and simultaneous measurement of all PON signals

Filtered detectors for individual signal measurement at each wavelength

Upstream signal burst mode detection at 1310nm

Flexible Measurement on PON

User-defined Threshold Sets  

PPM-50 enables threshold setting—each set consists of three wavelengths (1310, 1490 and 1550nm) with their own Pass, Warning and Fail thresholds. These values can be configured for easy assessment of fibers, components and test points on network.


Optical Power Meter Function 

PPM-51 enables more than seven wavelengths calibration. Compatible with the digital encryption protocols of SLS-50, OPM-50 can automatically identify the wavelength of the optical signals transmitted from SLS-50 and switch to the corresponding test mode, which greatly reduces the workload at both ends and avoids potential error. It can receive the power parameters of digital-encrypted signal transmitted from SLS-50 as reference for precise link loss measurement even the two units are far apart.



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