Intelligent Optical Distribution Network

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ST-iODN Optical Network   Managing   System

ShinewayTech intelligent optical network managing system ST-iODN (Intelligent Optical Distribution Network ) is mainly focused on the problem of optical network management. The connection status of optical connector is identified by an electronic note to ensure the efficient utilization of optical network connector resources. It can improve the operation and maintenance efficiency of the ODN through the construction process. Therefore, the original ODN will be promoted to a complete and intelligent new generation optical network.

The ultimate solution of three major management problems of traditional optical network 

Problem 1:Connector chaos results in resource waste


Problem 2:Inefficient operations of Network


Problem. 3:Fault correcting slowly


Composition of ST-iODN



Automatic obtain the status of connector

Manage connector information

Intelligent guide in operation

Intelligent check

Automatic dispatch optic routing

Resource usage analysis 

Manage optic network connector information



Resource usage analysis



Intelligent construction guide



Intelligent construction acceptance



The core advantage


Covers equipment from all companies,all types.

Supports non-interrupting modification.

Cover all nodes in network

Use standard electronical note-eIDcompatible with other brands of electronic note

Apply intelligent terminal+portable power supply in instruments which locates outside and cannot offers long term power supply,offer a no dead end managing in optical network

System applies B/S infrastructure,staff doesn’t need to install client



The intelligent panel



eID Integrated circuit electronical note


Applies to all types of connector.

Electronic note is totally sealed into protect cover,service life is over 30 years.

Accuracy of information reading is reliable

Supports non-interrupting modification




Intelligent Software


The intelligent management software of optical network is the core of each part of the fiber network management system. It can organize and visualize all the information of the optical network within the jurisdiction. And each function module of the intelligent ODN can be assigned to the various tasks in the normal operation of the network.

Resource allocation is flexible

Remote resources are visible online

Multiple strategies automatically generate light routing

Electronic document delivery or receipt in real time

Compatible with all vendors' ODN devices

Seamless connection with OSS

User accounts are set by region and business independently

Decision support and resource utilization are multidimensional automatic analyzed.

B/S infrastructure, browser accessed directly, no need to install guest software


Intelligent management terminal


The dedicated android APP of the Intelligent Optical Distribution Network can provide the practical functions for the installation of maintenance personnel, such as single sending and receiving, construction navigation, information inquiry and other convenient construction. And it can provide the network for the non-real-time power supply equipment, so that it can achieve the fault alarm, the resource patrol and other functions.

Collection of resource and initial information

Construction guidelines graphically

Construction check

Support engineer management                                                       

Lightweight design, save flow and the savings

Support offline use

Software can be updated automatically



Components of  the fibre port management 

ShinewayTech ST-iODN use the contact eID electronic label for the identification and reading of the jumper. The intelligent device is composed of a traditional ODN equipment and intelligent panel, including ODF, OCC and ODB

Monitoring status of the resource online

● Automatic collection and inspection of the resource

Connector status use LED guide

● Automatic check to avoid human error

● The relationship of connection is tracking onl



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