Optical Cable Identifier

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OFI-50A Optical Cable Identifier

OFI–50A uses an optical fiber sensing principle to confirm the target fiber; It can quickly identify deep buried, overhead and pipe fiber cable without any destruction, and provides a simple identification method for maintenance personnel. Users only need to gently knock on cable, when knocking on the target cable, OFI-50 can clearly hear the knock on an earphone, which can accurately identify the target cable.


OFI–50A is a true one-key type test; handheld design, easy to carry, 3.5' color screen real-time waveform; the software of the intelligent struck the judgment of the two operation / display mode, combined with the Headset real-time audio, with 3 kinds of recognition percussion method, so as to quickly and accurately identify the measured cable. OFI-50A is a kind of ideal tool for optical fiber communication network maintenance.



● Easy to use, reliable

● Fast identification of deep buried, overhead and pipe fiber cable

Built-in intelligent mode, knock in the measured cable screen shows positive and negative Pyramid strength; output the notification sound

● Rapid and accurate identification

Click the targeted or wanted cable, OFI-50A can response with sound and light reaction

● According to the Headset feedback information, the operator can intuitive judgment percussion cable

● According to the waveform real-time cable, knock in the measured cable real-time waveform will have obvious wave, visual disturbance

● VFL function is available

● Non destructive optical cable


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