Network Cable Tester NCT-100-S

Source: ShinewayTech     Date: 2020-04-10     Read: 3,007
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NCT-100-S  Multi-function cable tester


ShinewayTech® NCT-100-S Multi-Function Cable Tester Kit can help you quickly find network cables with OOK audio during network construction and maintenance. Use TDR diagnostic technology to quickly and accurately locate fault points and accurately measure wiring diagrams and lines and Cable identification, etc.



●Power-on calibration: removes circuit errors due to ambient temperature and humidity.

●OOK audio hunt technology: It has strong anti-interference ability in complex environment.

●Line sequence measurement: Accurately draw a line sequence diagram to detect open shorts.

●Cable identification: Accurate measurement of the ID adapter, with 16 ID adapters.

●Cable diagnosis: TDR measurement technology, high precision, high resolution, open circuit short-circuit fault location, ultra-long-distance cable measurement, support for twisted-pair cable coaxial copper telephone line.

●Loop Resistance Measurement: Accurately measure cable resistance with resolution as low as 1 ohm.

●System settings: sound backlight setting, English Chinese switching, device information viewing.

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