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DTA-BERT Series E1/Datacom Transmission Analyzer


ShinewayTech® DTA-BERT E1/Datacom Transmission Analyzer performs E1 transmission performance test (BERT) and status monitoring on data link (V.35, V.24/RS232, RS449, RS530, X.21).


Model T can also perform G.703-64K bit error test, PCM31/30 test, and Jitter test. Featuring comprehensive functions, easy operation and compact design, DTA-BERT provides total solutions for E1 line analysis and maintenance.



●Loop back code setting and detection:  In/Out band & ITU-T V.54 BERT histogram analysis

●DSO control loop codes (Optional):  TIP/LSC/LBE/FEV (BERT/C, E1)

●Large TFT color LCD display: 320×240 (32 Characters ×8 Lines, text/graphic mode)

●Internal memory for test data storage

●Test report

●Print via Parallel/RS-232 port (Optional)

●Upgradeable for advanced features

●Portable for field application

●Rechargeable battery with low battery indicator



  E1:       RJ45 (balanced), BNC (unbalanced)

  Data:     DB26 (female)

  Clock:    PCM

●   Printing:  DB15 (female)

●   Control/Data Transfer:   USB

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