Wireless Fiber Inspection Probe

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OCI-20BN-W Optical Connector Inspector

●Completely wireless, self-powered support

●Image-capture capability for documentation

●400×, High definition, clear image

Ideal for all types of connectors test: APC, UPC, MTP and more

●USB interface compatible with various OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android

●View the defect or scratch of the fiber end-face clearly on your phone with FiberEye2

●The image can be captured, video recorded and stored in your phone

View & save supported in Windows/Linux/Mac

Pass/Fail Analysis supported in Windows7/8/10


OCI-20BN-W is a portable optical fiber connector inspector for checking fiber and connector end-face cleanliness, ideal for bench top and fiber optic network installation technicians to eliminate error caused by poor quality or improper cleaning.


OCI-20BN-W offers excellent viewing on connector/fiber end-face and has a unique feature to record and save image/video of fiber end-face; It can be connected to PC or phone by WIFI, which is the only type of its kind in the industry.

More than 40 assorted high-precision tips designed for inspection solutions


Angled/Lengthened tips for awkward positions

Connect smart phone for testing

FiberEye2 is the app on an android or IOS smart phone to capture, display and record the fiber end-face image from the Wi-Fi probe.

Connect tablet/laptop for testing

EFD  is the analysis software on Windows tablet/laptop to have dusts, and scratches on end face inspected, analyzed,  compiled and reported

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