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OPM-50 Intelligent Optical Power Meter


OPM-50 Seires paired with SLS-50 Seires Intelligent Stabilized Laser Source can be used to identify fiber, measure attenuation and loss, verify continuity and evaluate fiber link transmission quality.



●Automatic wavelength identification

Remote reference value setting

●FTTx applicable

●Internal clock & fiber S/N editable

●Memory of 1000 test records

Data Transfer to PC via USB

●SB power charging

●No warm-up, quick start


●70 hours continuous operation

●Pocketsize, lightweight and easy-to-use

●CE FCC certificates


Important Functions

Automatic Wavelength Identification

Compatible with the digital encryption protocols of SLS-50, OPM-50 can automatically identify the wavelength of the optical signals transmitted from SLS-50 and switch to the corresponding test mode, which greatly reduces the workload at both ends and avoids potential error.

Remote Reference Value Setting

OPM-50 can receive the power parameters of digital-encrypted signal transmitted from SLS-50 as reference for precise link loss measurement even when the two units are far apart.


Internal Clock & Fiber S/N Editable

Internal clock enables OPM-50 to save test data with time and editable fiber SN information.

Compatible with FTTx Test

OPM-50 can be applied to measure Triple-play signals (1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm) on Passive Optical Network (PON).

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