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OCC-50 CWDM Optical Channel Checker

Powerful Tool for CWDM Installation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting


●Clear TFT LCD display (320×240)

●18-channel measurement:

●Model OCC-50B, 1271-1611nm

8-channel measurement:

●Model OCC-50A, 1471-1611nm

●Result display in histogram and list

●Applicable to normal optical power measurement

Internal clock & fiber S/N editable

●User definable threshold setting

●Data Transfer to PC via USB

●No warm-up, quick start


10 hours continuous operation

●Pocketsize, lightweight and easy-to-use

●CE, FCC certificates


OCC-50 Handheld CWDM Optical Channel Checker is specially designed for CWDM installation, maintenance and troubleshooting, which allows you to measure and monitor power values of up to 18 CWDM channels. OCC-50 can replace high-cost Spectrometers and conduct quick and reliable measurements in all environments. Thanks to its light, compact and sturdy design, OCC-50 is the ideal tool for CWDM installation and maintenance technicians.


Result display in histogram and list

Straightforward result display for easy understanding.


Internal clock & fiber S/N editable

Internal clock enables OCC-50 to save test data with time and editable fiber SN information for convenient archiving and editing.

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