Spectrum Power Meter

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SPM-50 RF Spectrum Power Meter

SPM-50A Spectrum Power Meter brings innovative testing concept and approach for RF cable system installation and maintenance. It combines the key function of a spectrum analyzer and power meter. SPM-50 is designed to measure the power characteristics of a particular signal among mixed signals transmitted on cable while quickly and accurately presenting the result in a power histogram or spectrum chart.

SPM-50A supports normal, burst and frequency segment sweep modes to acquire information of forward power, reflected power, return loss, VSWR, peak power, crest, CCDF, duct cycle and etc.



Combination of power and spectrum analyzer

Test mode: normal, burst and frequency segment sweep

Burst test: Burst average power, burst peak power, duty cycle

Power histogram or spectrum chart

Preset frequency band for fast scan

Live testing through feeder cable system

Working with PC software or handheld monitor

USB communication port

Reverse protection

Compact design, 495g

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