New Products ShinewayTech 3D visualization information management system

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Data center 3D visualization management platform


IDC data center visualization management

Use 3D visualization technology to realize the visualization management of the data center and surrounding buildings



IDC data center floor visualization management

Use 3D visualization technology to realize the visualization management of data center floors and computer rooms resources



IDC data center computer room visualization management

Use 3D visualization technology to realize the management of the cabinet resource status.



Display and query of IT assets based on 3D visualization technology

Using 3D visualization technology can realize query and display of IT assets



Pipeline display based on 3D visualization technology

Visually display the relevant water supply, power supply, and IT equipment line trends in the 3D scene



Display of cooling and power supply topology relationship based on 3D visualization technology



3D UI display:

Revolving lantern display



Split screen display



3D video integration

Integration of real-time video monitoring in the 3D scene, achieving the combination of virtual and real, and can be further achieved:

●Real-time linkage of 3D objects and monitoring screen

●Multi-picture real-time stitching

●Personnel location and snapshot

●Video playback

●Ball machine linkage



Large-screen display: deep integration of 2D charts and 3D scenes



Large-screen display: multiple perspectives display of operation and maintenance scenarios



3D Visualization Implementation Roadmap

3D IDC unified resource management platform

●Visualization for IDC park, floor, computer room, equipment

●Docking IT monitoring system, power environment, building monitoring and other systems

●Visually display the operating status and alarm sources location of IT equipment in a 3D scene

●Docking the power environment system to realize the management of the microenvironment and effectively reduce the PUE value

●Centralized and visual management for different computer rooms

3D management business

●Sell the 3D platform as IDC's value-added service to IDC rental customers

●Add VR/AR means for inspection and browsing of IDC base


 Value of ShinewayTech Data Center Infrastructure Visualization Management Platform:

IDC operator

●Use 3D VR to efficiently and intuitively display IDC resources

●Sell 3D VR technology as a value-added service to IDC customers

IDC customers

●Master relevant hosting resources remotely and in real time through 3D VR technology

●Enhance the communication efficiency between the personnel in data center and field

IDC operation and maintenance personnel

●Use "2D+PDA+3D" to efficiently operate and maintain IDC basic resources

●Enhance and improve communication between operation and maintenance personnel


 Product advantages

●2D+3D visual methods greatly improve the operation and maintenance efficiency of operators’ own IDC

●Efficiently reduce operation and maintenance personnel and costs

●A real visualization product that can sell 3D as a value-added service

●Provide more channels to promote IDC resources and improve brand reputation

Split screen display

●Revolving lantern display

●3D UI display



Product value analysis

 Reduce PUE value

●Management for the micro-environment of the computer room, improve the efficiency of air conditioning utilization and planning through the temperature analysis

Improve efficiency and reduce cost on operation and maintenance

●Integration of future-built IT resource management systems, network operation and maintenance systems and power environment monitoring systems ●with 3D visualization platform, can greatly improve the communication efficiency.

●The establishment of 3D visualization platform can help establish an operation and maintenance training communication system, which can effectively guarantee the normal and reliable operation of IDC IT resources and customers service

Enhance market attractiveness

●Users can browse the physical layout, room distribution, cabinet distribution, power facility distribution etc. of different base on one platform, and with the supporting of market personnel introduction for the business, users’ satisfaction will be increased

Develop new business models

With the attraction of 3D, allowing users to quickly browse the distribution and operating status of their devices in the office, greatly improve the satisfaction and profit

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