10G Ethernet Tester

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XGT-200 10G Ethernet Tester


ShinewayTech® XGT-200 Ethernet Tester provides a complete test for next generation ethernet solution. There are many different test modules, which can help to verify the performance of their Ethernet.


XGT-200 has two 10/100/1000Mb/s electrical interfaces, two 100/1000M SFP optical interfaces and two 10Gbps SFP+. It can generate and analyze the test traffic streams, and provide the result. XGT-200 provides install, maintain installation, maintenance services, and activate new profession service.


XGT-200 can provide a variety of test functions, which can help user to control and know the quality of Ethernet. We believe that the XGT-200 will be the comprehensive and simple Ethernet and advanced IP connectivity test suites for the field technicians. 



Smart and durable, field application ready

7-inch HD color touch screen, sun readable

User-friendly user interface

 PC remote control

Test profiles and data management, USB/FTP transfer

Comprehensive testing for Ethernet testing

 Lithium battery up to 4 hours continuous testing 



10GE SFP+ x2, 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45 x2,100/1000BASE-X SFP x2

10M - 10Gb/s bandwidth, LAN and WAN mode

Layer 1/2/3/4 BERT test

Multi-stream traffic generation and analysis

RFC2544 and Y.1564 test

OAM test (Optional)

VLAN and VLAN Q-in-Q test

MPLS test with multiple MPLS tags

Service disruption time test

CoS and ToS/DSCP priority test

Packet capture

Intelligent detection and remote controlled loopback test

Statistical analysis report



RFC 2544 Test

XGT-200 series package RFC2544 into an auto-test. User can freely choose throughput, back-to-back, packet loss and latency measurement. All the test results can be clearly showed in the UI.


ITU-T Y.1564 Test

Service Configuration Test

The service configuration test consists in sequentially testing each service in order to validate that each is properly provisioned and that all specific SLA parameters are met. Service configuration tests to confirm network can be configured to a single data stream to set CIR and select a single or mixed packet size for testing. Simultaneously, the option also can be set by the rate subjected to hierarchical e.g., 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, and 100% + EIR or the maximum single rate test. All the services are sequential execution according to the configure order. 


Service Performance Test

Once the configuration of each individual service is validated, the service performance test simultaneously validates the quality of all the services over time. All the processes just need a few minutes, and it also can be made a long time pressure test.



XGT-200 can support Layer 2-4 BERT test in the VLAN and MPLS. It can set BERT test data frame layer, frame size, bandwidth, MAC address, five parameters and the load area pseudo-random sequence type. XGT-200 can support standard pseudo-random code (PRBS31, PRBS23, PRBS20, PRBS15, PRBS11 and so on) pressure code test, and the engineers can do a custom code according to the different application. During the BERT test, user can select the error inject mode to verify the network abnormal frame processing capabilities of testing network or point.



XGT-200 can support layered applications for metropolitanareanetwork or carrier Ethernet VLAN Q-in-Q and MPLS.


Multi-stream Background Traffic Generation and Analysis

It is applicable to Ethernet frames environment to verify the long-term integrity of the Ethernet circuit. This test can supply throughput, packet loss and other error information, which will help user to verify Ethernet services compliance with regulatory requirements.


Intelligent Detector and Loopback

Independent  scanning the test network, discover available XGT-200 device, and send the remote control data via test port, which will be added to the test system to complete the test.


Four Traffic Loopback Test: Layer1, Layer2, Layer3 and Layer4

Layer1: All data streamstreams are passed through and loopback; 

Layer2: All unicast data stream based on source / destination MAC address make a loopback; 

Layer3: All unicast data stream based on source / destination MAC and IP address make a loopback;   

Layer4: All unicast data stream based on MAC/ IP address and port number of source / destinationdestinations make a loopback


Through Mode

XGT-200 series support 10M-10G rate realize online monitoring, passive testing, online troubleshooting and online fault injection.


IP Tool

XGT-200 can identify point-to-point ping and trace route.

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